The Maddest Party You'll Never Attend

Mad Hatter

Life is a terrible adventure for thousands of our friends and neighbors in poverty, whose lives have been turned upside down by prolonged job loss, serious illness or the loss of a loved one— events that could happen to just about anyone.

But thanks to you, no one in our community has to wonder where to turn for help when their lives are in chaos.

You are key to ensuring The ARK is here to provide food, rent and utility assistance, medical, dental and eye care, medication, and more to every person who walks through our doors in desperate need. It’s help that gets people  through the worst nightmares of their lives, and sustains the most vulnerable among us—the elderly, the sick, the disabled—whose meager incomes simply are not enough for them to afford life’s most basic necessities.

Of course, there is no actual dinner to attend—no red roses, no flamingo mallets, and most certainly no tarts.

We haven’t gone mad; our Dinner-Less Dinner® does not need any of these luxuries to be a success. It just needs you.

Please respond as generously as possible with a 2017 Dinner-Less Dinner® gift.

Thank you!
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