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To find out more about ARK services for yourself or someone you know, contact us. All inquiries are confidential. Services are provided free of charge.


Health Center

The Medical Clinic of the Goldie Bachmann Luftig Health Center is open five days per week, including two evenings. Medical treatment is provided by volunteer physicians and The ARK’s professional medical staff. Patients make appointments to see internists, as well as cardiologists, gynecologists and other specialists. X-rays and other tests and procedures are performed at area hospitals at no charge to clients, through special arrangements with The ARK.

The Minnie and Dr. Peter H. Okner, D.D.S., Dental Clinic includes three fully equipped dental treatment rooms, a sterilization room and an X-ray developing room. ARK dentists do examinations and cleanings; X-rays and fillings; perform extractions; treat infections and periodontal disease; and do prosthetic dentistry. To supplement the in-house clinic, volunteer dentists and oral surgeons often treat clients in their own offices.

The licensed optometrists in the Judge John & Effie Ziegler Gutknecht Eye Clinic do complete vision exams, diagnose and treat certain eye conditions, and prescribe and fit eyeglasses.

The Fred Woods Pharmacy and Gertrude & Harry G. Fins Pharmacy Annex is a fully licensed facility that fills more than 17,000 prescriptions a year for patients in The ARK’s clinics and mental health programs, as well as for those who cannot afford the medications prescribed for them by physicians outside The ARK. Eighty-two percent of the more than $800,000 value of these prescriptions is obtained through drug donations.

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Employment Services

The ARK's employment services helps clients become job ready.

Food Pantry

The Rhea Segal Food Pantry distributes nutritious Kosher food, as well as items that cannot be purchased with food stamps, such as diapers, soap, toilet paper and toothpaste, to 550 families each month. A quarter of those being fed are children. Special food packages are available for clients with other dietary needs, such as infants, the elderly and diabetics. Clients also receive food vouchers, allowing them to shop for fresh produce. More than half of the Food Pantry’s supply of food is donated through an annual community-wide food drive.

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Social Services

Each person’s introduction to The ARK begins with a personal interview and needs assessment in the Anna and Jacob Fine Social Services Center. The case manager then creates an individualized care plan, and arranges for each client to receive appropriate assistance from The ARK’s wide array of free services. In addition to services offered through other ARK departments, Social Service assistance includes ongoing case management, rent and utility help, job counseling, legal aid, clothing and household items, client advocacy, and Telecare (daily telephone calls to the elderly and/or homebound). Each client’s case manager continues to serve as a link to needed services, even as needs may change, and as a constant and reliable ally.

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Mental Health Services

For families and individuals affected by mental illness, The ARK’s Mental Health Services offer professional treatment and support. The Psychological Services Program offers mental health services to clients who have been referred by the social service staff. Volunteer psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors work hand-in-hand with case managers in order to address mental health issues. The program offers both individual and group counseling, and volunteer psychiatrists prescribe medication when necessary. The program assists clients in developing the necessary inner resources to improve living conditions, obtain work or job training, strengthen family ties and become self-sufficient.

The Intensive Day Program was developed to address the needs of adults in the community who suffer from chronic mental illness. In addition to psychotherapy, staff and fellow clients become a “family” to individuals who are often isolated from friends and family as a result of their illness. Staff workers help ensure that clients take necessary medication, pay bills and keep medical appointments; oversee housing situations; and offer compassionate support for clients and family members. The program also provides a daily schedule of therapeutic classes, and communal opportunities in the form of outings, meals and holiday celebrations. The support of the program helps provide a viable alternative to homelessness or institutionalization.

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Transitional Housing

One might think that the words “Jewish” and “homeless” don’t belong in the same sentence—but each year, The ARK helps Jews who have been forced into poverty and homelessness by personal or economic problems. The Sarnoff Levin Residence provides up to 120 days of housing, Kosher food and a complete array of supportive services for homeless families and individuals. The primary goals of the program are to stabilize clients’ situations, minimize the trauma of homelessness, and ease the transition into permanent or second-stage housing as efficiently and effectively as possible, drawing upon The ARK’s wide array of services. With bright, clean rooms, nutritious meals and holiday celebrations, the Residence serves as a “home away from home”—a source of shelter, support and the warmth of a caring Jewish community—for 70 or more people each year.

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Spiritual Enrichment

Led by ARK staff and with the assistance of many volunteers, the Michael E. Schneider Spiritual Enrichment Program offers a wide selection of classes, lectures, communal meals, Jewish holiday celebrations and compassionate counseling. From festive meals for the holidays, to officiating at weddings and funerals, the program provides personal support and a caring community with which to share all of life’s important events in a spiritual context.

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